FOY nomination

Friends, the nomination of this year’s participants for Female Of the Year has begun. I’ve already received two submissions, good ones too, but they have both ignored the forth rule of this year’s contest: All suggestions and requests to nominees MUST contain a 50-word explanation of why just this woman should be part of the contest.

50 words isn’t much. Damn, this post is more than that.

But don’t miss the 5th rule: The nominee does not have to be a worldstar, but it must be possible to track down at least 1 – one – product the person has produced or participated in producing.

Why am I so demanding? It’s simple! In order to have the best Female of the year contest on the web! I am going to present all the selected nominees in ordnung, do a little researh on them to really get under their skin. Something I learned from last year’s contest.. our winner has nudepix on the net, and I didn’t see them until after the election. So I’ve decided to learn more about the femmes suggested, so that I honestly can say that they’re worthy of having their face (and/or body) on my frontpage for the entire coming year!

But don’t pull back! This is still a feature for and by the user!
So keep them suggestions a-flowing!
One could say that we’re lagging three months behind. We’re coming into April soon and I still haven’t presented you with the first nominee. What can I say? We’re building up pressure here to keep you excited just until the last moment.. kind of like an orgasm, wouldn’t you agree? Stay tuned for soon-to-come January Female.

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