down, additional server news, my sidekick-server, is down for the moment. It has been down since Saturday night I believe. I thought of sending an e-mail to the administratior, which happens to be my cousin, but since the server is down I figured it would be difficult for him to get his e-mail.

I’m going to give him a call before I leave work today, but I can’t guarantee you anything. That’s the price of free services.. Sites affected: is still going strong, however. I updated the sitemap yesterday and I’ve made some additional boxes on your right, as you can see. I’ve also been looking at the possibilities of upgrading from b2 to wordpress, since wordpress seems to have more of the stability in database structure and offers more features that I now have solved with (more or less successful) hacks. If I upgrade, you might see some design changes, yet again. I will simply make it easier for the eye to read, more user-friendly menus while not ignoring the individuality of designs you have all loved me for in the past.

Serious blogging makes for long texts, which again should be made as readable as possible. I’m using The World Wide Web Consortium as a starting point. Stay tuned!

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