Just a Strange Thursday Evening

Guess who I ran into on my way home from Bislet last night? Well, ran into isn’t exactly accurate, but noticed when going off the tram.. Our all-time favourite nervous wreck! Can you believe that I laughed? Believe it!

Then I thought the day was over.

When I got outside my appartement I ran into my roommate, or owner of the flat, or whatever, and he was going to an electronica concert on the other side of town where one of his friends were playing. "Want to join in?" he asked. I stood there, puzzled, really in the mood for some sleep.. "Sure! Why the hell not? (Fuck it!)" Then we found ourselves at a place called Kraftwerk (age limit still unknown). I was up for anything, hence I didn’t mind all the weird looks or strange appearances around me.

I got to meet all the musicians, since I was sitting among two of them and everyone came to greet me, and I was introduced as ‘the rock-musician’ with a few sarcastic remarks, but all in all heartily welcoming routines.

It was really weird. Here I was sitting with people I’d never met before, some of them locally famous, drinking Carlsberg pilsner and doing my self-rolled cigarettes thing there, and all these beautiful women prancing around like angels or disguised demons, even some giving me the eye. Still, tough shit is going down in my current lifesituation, and the last thing I want to is to give one or two of these lovely creatures a mental shock just for the kick of it. So I finished a 3rd beer, decided that the vocalist of the last (3rd) electronica-group playing should have adjusted his microphone just a little, before we both went home again.

All in all it was a surreal experience, without applying any other meaning to it than ‘absurd’. Fun, nevertheless.

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