Yesterday was Cobain's, Today is mine!

happy birthday to me..
happy birthday to me..
Happy birthday DEAR SIGGG3333!
happy birthday to me..

Anniversaries are awful. You sit there, receive congratulations and stuff like some kind of dog that has done something very clever, except that you haven’t done anything clever at all. You were just born a number of years ago the same date as today, and the one who should really get all the nice words is the mother, naturally, who pulled it through (and the doctors who pulled you out:).

So I’m 20. Great. Half-way to freaggin’ forty years old.

And what are my plans? Well, since I’m more broke than an average housepet, I’m going to do nothing. For a couple of years now, I’ve pictured myself going into Vinmonopolet (the only place you can get booze in Norway, with a 20 y/o limit for most of it) going to the shelf reading ‘Hard liqour’, looking at some Pernod but actually taking down a bottle of Famous Grouse whisky*. From there I would end up in a ditch somewhere, singing out my sorrows with a burning cigarette in the corner of my mouth that’s continually put out by me throwing up. But no. I’m broke.

Maybe a beer. Just one. I could starve tomorrow easily… bad idea!

(*whisk_ey_ is American whisky, duh!)

4 thoughts on “Yesterday was Cobain's, Today is mine!

  1. Cheers! It is always a drag, you know, accepting presents and liquor and money, but I welcome your simple greetings, for I know what lies behind:)

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