Most tragic SPAM-mail ever…. seriously!

I also received the following SPAM from a mr. "Hussam Achmed" with a subject line reading "Mysteries has gone in my life". I was intrigued, and the reason why I put this here, is because I find it a pretty good short-story compared to other recent mob-spam. Enjoy;

Dear Sir,

Mysteries has gone in my life. Life for me has gone .In the western part of Africa is where I meet hell in my life. 29th September 2001 later in the night the murders come without a pity without a mercy they kill my father in front of me. My father was a wealthy cocoa merchant.

– And it only gets better…

The trouble began early that year when my father’s associates started suspecting that my father is not giving proper accounts of all the tons of cocoa being cultivated by local farmers in some villages. This mistrust started between Jul-Aug 2001 when they discovered a very big some of money my father deposited with a security company here in ABIDJAN-COTE D’IVOIRE. As a result of this discovery and the enviness of the money ,he was killed by his associates.Before this, he revealed to me the reasons of his why.

Still no mentioning of why I’ve received this e-mail, but we’re beginning to suspect a pattern, right?

He directed me where to get the documents of the said deposit, he told me that he used my name as his next of kin for the deposit, being the only child. He advised me that I should not stay in the country because his enemies might equally kill me to reap all his wealth hence my mother died five years ago of cancer. He instructed me that if he dies, that I should look for a foreign partner who will help me to move the money diplomaticaly to his country and the person will help me to invest the money in his or her country.

My father finally died on 29th of September and since then I was out of school and went into hiding because of my father’s associates. All the relevant documents of the $9.5 (million five hundred thousand dollars) that was deposited in a security company are intact with me now. My name is Hussam Ahmed.

I am 21yrs old and a student. Please I would like you to assist me as urgent as you can before they kill me.I agreed to give you 10% of this money ,if you can help me bring out this box from the security company and move this this money into yourcountry for onward investment in your country. Please contact me immediately with the above E-mail address and include Please be rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free. I’m waiting for your urgent reply.

Best Regards

I am honestly impressed. Except for the mentioning of 10%, transaction and 100% risk free, I thought it a good idea. But no. Again we’re talking about the mafia and not some student, which is why I did not put the reply-mail up here..

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