Anarchist theory and Historical short-stories

So, I’ve been reading up on Anarchist Literature, especially manifestoes and the likes. If interested check out Bryan Caplan’s Anarchy Theory FAQ version 5.2. See also An Anarchist FAQ Webpage version 10.0.

Currently I’m working on the Manifesto of the Unabomber (a.k.a Theodore Kaczynski born 1942)
Read about the Unabomber in Wikipedia
Read the full Unabomber Manifesto

The next on my list is hopefully the Anarchist Bible (no. Anarkiets Bibel, 1906) written by Norwegian bohemian Hans Jæger.

As for short-stories, I discovered Great Short Stories of the World at my mum’s always-surprising library. I’ve been reading to and fro in this excellent collection of great literature, everything from the Ancient Egyptian tale known as the "Two Brothers" (anonymous, around 1300 B.C) to Czheck’s Neruda and his "The Vampire". Last night I read an honorable tale from classic Japan, Samurais and such, getting all the more convinced that western literature has ignored the East too long.

And let’s not forget Voltaire. Click here to read my thoughts on his Candide ou l’optimisme.

I am thus having a great time.

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