Re: Norwegian blogs?

A received a reply IN CAPITAL LETTERS from Ingrid and Ophelia that I was granted a link from their zine. Here’s what they said:
Ay Sigge!
Thanks for your email. Made me think of the Beatles’ song Norwegian Wood. Because you are a musician, I thought you might enjoy reading the Beatles Lyrics Archive where you can view any of the Beatles’ lyrics while hearing the tune.
Here’s Norwegian Wood, especially for you and all the other Norwegian bloggers out there :D
About the meaning behind the song Norwegian Wood, John Lennon (in "Lennon Remembers") said: "Was trying to write about an affair without letting me wife know I was writing about an affair, so it was very goobledegook. I was sort of writing from my experiences, girls’ flats, things like that…"

Love, Ingrid and Ophelia

From their blog, I further found the link of Japanese Joi Ito’s homepage.
It’s definitely worth a look.

8 thoughts on “Re: Norwegian blogs?

  1. Ay Sigge! Thanks for the kind mention. Sorry if my email reply to you was IN CAPITAL LETTERS – I can’t understand how that happened. My name is Ingrid – my personal weblog is called ME AND OPHELIA. Ophelia is my wonderful cat ;-)

    Love the spoof link you chose for Joi Ito. I’ve never found out who went to the trouble of making that homepage. Maybe someone at Harvard Law School in the USA. It’s very humorous if you are a reader of the real Joi Ito’s Web:-)

  2. It was probably my Outlook at work screwing things up a bit. My goof. I thought it a bit strange, i.e “Ingrid and Ophelia.. sounds like a nice couple of lesbians.” :) No worries, no offence. I do like lesbians:)

  3. Heh. I love my cat. But I’m not in love with ME. Actually, it’s the name of the illness I suffer from (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). Not sure what it is known by in Norway but in the USA it is called CFIDS (chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome). Stay well. And thanks for the kind messages. Look forward to following your blog. I’ll put you in my sidebar under Norway when I next open up my template.

  4. The world is getting smaller with all the connections that abound through weblogs …. I followed the link from Ingrid and arrived here in Norway via England from Canada …. from one winter place to another. Greetings.

  5. Hi Wendy. I’ll have a look at your blog later on, ’cause I’m sitting at a café right now, running out of cash. Greetings right back to you!

  6. Hey Hello Wendy, I visit you daily in Canada – had no idea you visit me too. Thanks Sigge for the message. Just read over at Pauly’s that you’ve finished writing some sort of book. I need to catch up on my blog reading and follow the link to see what you’ve written. You sure do write about hanky panky stuff (sorry I think I sound like a prude using such language – can’t think of a better word right now(. Sounds like you need to get out and find a soul mate – you’re only 18 – the best years of your life. Hope you’ll blog what you’re doing about meeting someone :-)

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