Cleaning my room…

I’ve had a real blast the last three hours, tidying up and cleaning my room. Due to a hangover from a longlasting period of alcoholic consumation last night, I’m in just the right mood for throwing away useless stuff and arrange those I’d like to keep.

It’s about time, too. I haven’t cleaned my room since, like, February or something like that!! (I know, I know.. filthy bastard!) From now on I’ll try _not to_ store things on top of everything else, but I know I can just give it up. The nice system I’ve made will only last for a while. Then it’s back to: "where the hell is my bed?"

Right now I’m pretty disappointed with you people. I’ve only had a couple of comments since I changed the system, and this can’t be just because of the annoying size of the darned pop-up.. Well, I only have about 15-25 visitors per day, but for me that’s adequately satisfactory. If I’d been a rich man, I’d buy presents for each and everyone of you, supporting the existence of Sigg3 dot net with your presence. I do appreciate it, but let me hear more from you!:)

4 thoughts on “Cleaning my room…

  1. I mean that I’m going to. Up here where I live, things are laid back, meaning I’ll get it done sometime during next week. It is, however, a sweet little line of code I’ll have to change. Thinking about it, I think I’ll do it now..

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