I vote for Maddox!

I was dropping by Maddox @ xmission to see what he’s been up to lately and discovered that he’s joined politics by founding The Regressive Party. Now, I think we can all agree that it was a matter of time before Maddox finally went political on us, and by reading his manifesto right now, I think none of us will be displeased. Here are a few of his improvements to society:

  • "I’m against abortion, but for killing babies." This way he solves the problem of demonstrants on both sides.
  • No protests. Why should we mind protesters? They are in the way. Or as Maddox put it; "civil disobedience is still disobedience."
  • No more police. Let’s face it: the police is inefficient when it comes to brutalizing criminals.
  • Vampire hunting will be a government sanctioned profession.
  • Ska is banned. Nobody listens to ska.
  • The removal of women’s rights, naturally.

To pick a random theme as an excerpt here, I chose Vampire Hunting;

"What I have a problem with are these 14 year old losers who hang out at raves wearing prosthetic fangs, listening to obnoxious happy-hardcore dancing with giant platform shoes (courtesy of Hot Topic, because all vampires shop at trendy clothing stores for their pre-packaged sub-culture needs). When they’re not busy doing the dishes for their allowance, they’re out doing evil things like smoking, staying up past curfew, or reading books on the occult at Barnes & Noble."

The Manifesto of the Regressive Party
The Greatest Page in the Universe

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