The Pamphlet of the Permanent Penguin Removal

After I released the shocking photographic evidence I was sent by the National Association Against Penguins yesterday, they were soon to send me regards and asked me wether I was willing to host their pamphlet as well. I accepted the offer, as I’ve been true to the cause ever since its beginning in the early 80’s.

"First of all it is important to note that the National Association Against Penguins, the NAAP, is not exclusive in one geographic nation, since we see the Internet as one Nation and its users citizens thereof. This statement advocates the permanent removal of Penguins."

Read the entire pamphlet:
« NAAP’s Pamphlet of the Permanent Penguin Removal »

Other resources:
Photographic evidence of the Penguin Uprise
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NAAP’s official flier

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