From the office: A soapy quarrel over soap

It has come to my immediate attention that the tasks performed in the landscape of an office-building requires a considerable amount of time to justify the importance of those involved. Like writing a report, going over statistical reasearch data, and stuff that would normally take 3-6 months will be subject to a process taking eventually as much as a year. I’ve understood that this is highly important due to the fact that we’re dealing with reasearchers and writers with classic titles whom all need their satisfaction.

I find it an adequately satisfactory explanation, but my case is that this syndrome, if I may be so bold, spreads throughout the rest of the system like a social disease and now everyone is walking around like kings and queens of unknown territories.

Take this incident for example;

Three days ago when I had withdrawn from my office less than five minutes to perform a challenging task for Nature, I upon accomplishment discovered that there was no soap in the "soap-box". No big deal, I decided, because I do try to be open-minded and creative, so I eventually washed my hands in a toilet on another floor. This was three days ago.

I’ve been using the very same toilet for the last two days at an average rate of two to three times a day, especially after lunch hours if eggs have been served, and I’ve grown impatient with the guy who is supposed to re-supply the soap.

He wishes to remain anonymous, and I respect his wish. His name is Bhagdad. That’s correct. Just like the city. During the days in casu I’ve witnessed the process of changing the soap described;

Day 1
1st. visit. I do my task at the toilet, discovers that there is no soap left.
2nd. visit. Casually dropping by I notice that the "soap-box" has been opened with a key that is still hanging in the lock.

Day 2
1st. visit. Same as Day one, 2nd. visit.
2nd. visit. After lunch I see that the key has been removed due to security issues and that the bottle in which the soap is supposed to be contained (which normally resides inside the "soap-box") has been turned upside down. I’m puzzled and amazed.

Day 3 (to-day)
1st. visit. Same as Day 2, 2nd. visit.
2nd. visit. The key has return in order to provide the necessary means to lock the "soap-box" when the operation has been completed.

From here I sketch;

Day 4 (to-morrow)
At some time during the day the soap bottle will be removed. The key will stay.

Day 5
In the morning, pro-lunch that is, the bottle will be returned, now with soap.

Day 5-7
The bottle will be inserted into the "soap-box". The box will be locked and eventually the key will again be removed. In less than a week, if the task is prioritized, it will be possible for me to once again wash my hands with soap without having to move myself to another floor. I’m impressed.

These are the worries of my life in the office.

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