A little look on website statistics

Yep. It’s that time again. That time when I, carefully seated at my desk with a cup of coffe next of me, dreaming of lunch and of women, clicks into my administrative center of Sigg3 dot net to check out the statistics. And, as always, I’m amazed. This information is from April alone, a fairly good month with a number of visitors above 6000 and a daily average of hits as high as 2400 (max: 5500).

Here are some examples of what people have been searching for in order to get here:
woman who smoke cohiba’s
life is forgjengelig
bob dylan cup of coffe mp3
freudian interpretation of harry potter
leave me alone poem
toiletpaper poems
tolkien biogrophy
you don’t wanna fuck with albanians

First and foremost the f-word. No big surprise.

I’ve been visited by 67 countries, including: Philippines, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia, India, Iran, US Military, Russian Federation, Niue and alot more. Thank you all!

It’s about that time again. Time to take lunch, methinks.

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