Muskox going down?

The Norwegian newspaper Vårt Land reports that it may be proposed illegal shooting of Moskus (english: Muskox), because they’re currently breeding like rabbits and people in the mountains aren’t too engaged in watching over these magnificent animals.


At the time of writing, it’s possible to reserve tickets for Muskox safari over at, but I fear this will rather turn into muskox hunting if the new proposal should be embraced by local and national politicians.

I visited Ernest Hemingway’s house when I was in Cuba last year. He’d several heads, furs and other parts of dead animals all over the house. Even in his bathroom there was a spirit-filled jar with a large lizard in it. Great.

I can dig the thought of a muskox head above my bed. Chicks must love that kind of thing. I mean, here I am walking around the streets of Oslo at night, going from one bar to another, meeting gals and they’re all like "dang! I’ve got to get my hands on this fella, he shot a muskox by himself and keeps the head above the bed" and I’m like; "baby, there’s only one of me and so many of you", and they start fighting all over the place, trying to win my heart at the same time, but I can’t choose any of ’em, because they’re all beautiful and sexy and all, and I do dig a chickfight. So, it probably ends up everyone coming to my place to admire me and my decorating muskox head.

Got to get one of those tickets and a shotgun.

2 thoughts on “Muskox going down?

  1. “So, it probably ends up everyone coming to my place to admire me and my decorating muskox head.”

    Wow, imponerende ønsketenking.

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