Conversation stoppers

I’ve been snooping around the FIX FTP server lately, especially the literature folders (see my links page!), where I came across "BMWK’s 101 surefire conversation stoppers". Check a few and download the rest:

97. (after an uncomfortable silence) TALK, DAMN YOU, TALK!!!

63. Start discussing whom would be whom if all of you were on "Seinfeld".

57. Break into "Singing In The Rain" Clockwork Orange style, complete with violence etc.

70. Nobody would ever find the body if I killed you right….NOW!

85. "I like it when you stare at somebody so long, you think you could wear their facial expression the next time you take a dump. What? Oh—no, no, nothing to do with you- I just like to think out loud."


101. You know what’s a really bad way to die? Burning to death. <pause> Yup.

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