Productive, but uncreative days..

I hate days like yesterday. Not that it was a bad day in the beginning, it was a holy day, which meant no work, yet I didn’t get up until 2 in the afternoon because of a party the night before. Then I realized that I hadn’t done my cleaning, and that it was long overdue. After half a pizza for breakfast I begun the tiresome work of moving furniture, cleaning, moving it back, cleaning more, changing water; and all this to The Streets’ sound of A grand don’t come for free. Great album. This work took three-four hours!

Then I had to wash my clothes and my bed- and pillow sheets, which meant that I was on my way for Bislet. Ok. Got there, everything was allright, I put on the washing machine, heard the latest family news, before I realized that I was long overdue (yet again) updating So I begun doing that after having eaten some food. That took two hours.

Now the time was nigh for some educated conversations with my friends, I reckoned, but then I realized that during all this work I’d run out of time. It was half past nine and about time to get homewards and fix my bed, have a beer and a cigarette and go to sleep.

I really hate when things fall into place like that. I mean, you do and you do, but you don’t get the things you want to do done. Today’s different though. When I get home today I’m going to get all fuzzed up, it’s weekend(!), but then I’m probably going to realize that I forgot to clean the bathroom, which should take at least 45 minutes, and then I’ve got to fetch the clothes I cleaned last night, and on top of that I’ve got to eat some time too.

Then, at around half past ten I’ll probably be all like: "Yeah! Now we can begin having fun!" but then all the mates have decided to stay at home, because they ain’t got any more money than I’ve, and I’m sitting there alone wondering what the hell I did wrong.

Thank God I have no television set!

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