Latest Internet Relay Chat – logs (IRC)

<passagero> i’m romanian man,i have 18yers old and try to found some one who want to have a relation sheep with me

<CaRlOs”>: who r u ?
<sQuisha>: im squisha who r u
<CaRlOs”>: i would b Carlos…
<sQuisha>: k
<sQuisha>: glad we cleared that up

<BeerMe> hey guys
<BeerMe> i need to print stuff from phothsop and it has a lot of White
<BeerMe> is their a way to NOT print the white?
<BeerMe> caue the paper is white

<Kirke> I had interests too
<Kirke> But they all ended in court

<Monga> Any of you guys ever get stuck in your chair?
<Marjerin> No
<DeeDee> No
<UppeRkilL> No
<Monga> Yeah, uh, me neither.

* Rasputin found a student’s share open on the network of 2.35 gigs of PR0n
<Rasputin> plus various movies and other crap
<Neep> Are you going to admin his ass or download it all?
<Rasputin> both, Neep. Both. :)
<Prior_Tuck> yes…but it could be illegal.
<Rasputin> What’s illegal? I’m archving for possible er…administrative purposes

<SDShadoW> A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.

[brs’IRC]: Amish girls are incredibly sexual.
[brs’IRC]: You’ve never had a handjob until you’ve had one from a girl who
[brs’IRC]: works a butter churn all day.

<Trax> Raider are you on LSD?
<Raider> ehh, no Im on DSL

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