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There has been little interest in my James Bond poll. I can’t say that I blame you guys. I just saw From Russia with love starring Sean Connery as Agent double-oh-seven. Now, that’s what I call a James Bond movie! Next Sunday NRK is broadcasting Goldfinger. Can’t wait.

The results of the poll wasn’t too surprising. 17% of you wanted Ewan McGregor, known from Trainspotting to play Bond in the coming years. I don’t know about this. The Gladiator‘s Russel Crowe received 13% of the vost cast, but I can assure you that if Crowe decides to go for the Bond-world (and is accepted by the filmmakers), I will dig deeper into the old movies and forget all about the new ones..! He’s an ass! Of course, this can apply to previous Bond actors as well.. Let’s not forget that a great Bond movie should be part Drama and part Action. Nowadays they look like poor Action movies. Crowe would fit one of the latter.

13% wants more of Pierce Brosnan! This promising Bond actor is still possible for another movie, before he retires from the Bond-world. To my point of view, he’s got a lot more potential than revealed in the latest movies, something we can see from Goldeneye some years back. More plot! Less shooting!

Jude Law, Clive Owen and Orlando Bloom got 4% each. Bloom? Seriously? He’s not strong enough to pull the trigger. If Bond should go gay, Bloom would be the perfect Bond-bitch. Apart from that I’d really like to see him non-present in these movies. Hugh Jackman, Dougray Scott and Colin Farell didn’t get any votes at all..

As for the "winner" of this poll, Robbie Williams stands out with a strong 43%. There has been a rumour that he was maybe, maybe, maybe going to look in the direction of a Bond movie, but from what I’ve heard from Bond-experts, this is only a rumour. Sorry peeps! He’s got the required charisma, that’s for sure, but can he manage a complex plot (that I’d like to see in the coming films)? It would’ve been funny to see him try.

Thanks for participating. Number of votes: 23

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