You’ve all probably heard that pro-whale-hunting slogan: Intelligent food for intelligent people.

Really ridiculous. And I’m all into it.

So, I was on a mission, well, I’d completed a trip both to the bank and to the pharmacy, and this beautiful blonde just gazed towards me with this I’m-a-little-puppy look in her eyes. Charming as hell, yet tantalizing and threatening. On her jacket, sewn in green capital letters, read: GREENPEACE. I rolled my eyes. Then, all of a sudden, this woman with a baby buggy/carriage ran across the square forcing me to nearly jump into the arms of this young, naive and protestin’ gal.

I smiled at her, she smiled at me.. Love at first sight? I wouldn’t think so.
I was at work, I knew what she was going to say, so I just looked into her eyes, charmin’ ol me* and said:

I eat whale. Shoot me.

She shrugged and I left. End of story..?
Give me half an hour with her and I guarantee you she’d spit an’ curse the next time she met one of those GREENPEACE’ing bastards on the street. NAAP all the way!
(* .. I know, I know.. but define charming!)

2 thoughts on “Green-freaggin'-peace

  1. HAHA! Thats great!! I am with you all the way sigg3! Let them taste the NAAP and they will be running for their lives.

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