The transit of Venus, another Tuesday morning

I woke up this morning, tired as hell having read all night (Colony by Rob Grant). I rolled my usual morning-cigarette, prepared to launch that body of mine into the kitchen to make myself a strong cup of not-real-but-ok coffe. The guy I rent my bedsit from was sitting there, all awake as normal. He’s working at this place where they’ve got flexible hours but still it happens I hear him running to work at 6 a.m. Damn, if I’d worked flexible hours I’d flex them to last for weeks.. hey! Everything’s relative, right.

Either way, there he was, munching some sort of cereal while fast-reading through yesterday’s newspaper. I mumbled, grumbled or groaned my usual "mmmg’d mornin’" and begun to fix my cup of coffe. While that was in the microwave I went to have a piss, as is my morning routine. Ok.. Nothing happened, so I went and had a piss, then returned to the kitchen where my coffe was as good as ready.

Jo looked up at me from the cereal, a little spill of milk dripping from his cheek, and asked me wether I’d seen The transit of Venus. No, I said, I haven’t seen any good porn for a long while. Don’t forget that I ain’t got no TV nor a computer. He didn’t say anything, just looked at me, then returned to the cereal. I picked up my coffe, went back into my bedsit and lighted my cigarette.

Then I turned on the radio and stared long into the brickwall on the other side of the street, probably picturing it to be some sort of horizontal, cozy, satin-covered couch with two blondes on each side and me in the middle.. The transit of Venus

I almost choked on the coffe when I heard that they were discussing my sexual fantasies on the radio. A sort of thing like this, they said, hadn’t happened since 1882. That was my Tuesday morning.

(The next transit is at the 6th of June in 2012 beginning 22:09 (UTC). Read more @ wikipedia.)

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