Recent (strategically weak) purchaces

I walked by a Free Record Shop on my way in from a delivery I’d done. I was financially ruined.

First off, two Radiohead albums were on sale, I didn’t buy any of ’em on general principle. I don’t buy it unless I really like it. Then, to my amazement, I stumbled over the original soundtrack from the musical Hair, starring Treat Williams. I’ve always wanted a copy from my sister, but I’ve never actually done anything about it.

I bought it without blinking.

Then, as I was standing there thinking I’d been a good boy for just buying one cd I saw a big poster with a name I thought somewhat familiar: FAITHLESS

Now I’ve been a fan of Faithless for many, many years. This new album, called No Roots, is the result of a project lasting more than ten years! Can’t wait to get home and have a listen.

And me who was thinking I would allow myself to eat today.

4 thoughts on “Recent (strategically weak) purchaces

  1. I’m not so sure about that. Tomorrow’s the 11th. The fifteenth is on a Tuesday, so we might as well get paid then..

  2. Did you get to see Faithless on Later..with Jools Holland the other day? Late Saturday (or is it Friday…I forget) nights on BBC2. I’ve loved their albums but strangely enough that was the first time I heard them do a song live. Blimey, it was pretty impressive how they managed to get the addictive beats to come to life with real drums etc.

    I think the odd Radiohead song is alright, Nice Dream, Blowout, Anyone Can Play Guitar…mostly their old stuff. Still trying to get used to the octo-beat-post-modern stuff they do these days.

    Nice journal, by the way. The transit of Venus…heh! :-)

  3. Cheers, mate:)
    No, I didn’t catch it. I don’t have a television and I wouldn’t have access to BBC2 anyway. I’ll ask my brother wether he can find some recordings of this..

    Either way, I saw this show they had in Germany (Berlin, I guess) on TV after the Sunday 8pm release, and it was a real blast.

    Concerning Radiohead, I’m not all into that old stuff, because I haven’t really checked it out enough, but I will. What I’ve heard, I’ve loved, though.

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