4 thoughts on “Link of the day: A CubanJoe Pointless

  1. Hey man – thanks for the post to our site. Just an FYE if you want to send people to our old site send them to http://cubanjoe.net/cjnet3 – cubanjoe.net sends you to the new site that we are still working on. I’m glad you found our shit hilarious, howd you find us?

  2. How I found you? I went into google.com and typed “hilarious shit”, ENTER. Nah, I can’t really remember. Just browsing around as usual.. :D

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll remember that!
    I loved your shit:D

  3. WOrd – thanks for the hits boss. Nice too see I went through the agony of setting my arm on fire for a reason! Keep in touch…

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