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Since I was hacked, the index page (this one) has been unavailable for editing, so I haven’t had the chance to update as usual. This affected the weekly poll, but now, at last, I’m here to give you the results. Thank you for participing!

The smokeban has been in effect since the first of June. And I can’t say that I haven’t avoided going out because of it. Human beings, like rats, are immensely adaptive to sudden changes in its environments. The recent change is that the air is cleaner indoors. In addition, all the people are standing outdoors. All the interesting people, at least:)

In Oslo, especially during the summer months if it’s hot enough, people tend to get aggressive when they’re going out. The smokeban forcing us to be outside tend to widen the possibility of getting whacked. Or at least get into trouble more frequently than before. A month ago, I would hide behind a wall of cigarette smoke like the octopus. Oh well. The results:

I love it, because I hate smokers: 5%
It’s good, because no one should work in smoke-filled environments: 12%
Cancer can kill you, so I think it’s good: 5%
People are starving! Using money on this is stupid: 30%
This is limiting individual freedom: 46%
I don’t know or don’t have an opinion: 0%

Number of votes: 39

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