A new perspective on the History of the word fuck?

This is what bumped into my e-mail today:

Just so you’ll know:

The guy who does the audio on the "Fuck, The Word" (aka "The Word Fuck") track is NOT George Carlin, nor is it Monty Python, as is often credited.

It is the late Jack Wagner, the former ‘voice of Disneyland’.

I know, since I gave him the ORIGINAL copy on tape (before the internet) in 1989 during a time when we worked together. I have NO IDEA who did that version, but it was much shorter & the quality of the tape was quite poor. (Musicians, voiceover artists, engineers and other recording guys often traded tapes of rare & funny stuff. Unfortunately, quality was lost in generation after generations of copies.) Jack decided to re-do it, correcting some grammar and adding a few more examples of his own, then
backed the whole thing up with the Vivaldi music.

I know this – I had the original copy and heard it first. Later, I heard from other techies at the park that he was so proud of it that he’d share it with everyone. I had always worried it would get him into trouble, but if ANYONE at Disneyland had ‘job security’, it would be him!

Years later when I heard it on the internet (the world’s bulletin board or bathroom wall), I just had to snicker. But we need to give credit where credit is due. His family may wish to forget it – the ‘park’ certainly does!
– but he seemed to have been proud of it, so give him the creds.

(please refer to me only as that to protect my anonymity and hire ability).

P.S. Of all those comedy quotes from famous people that are listed, only ONE of them is thought of to be a true quote:

* General George A. Custer: "Did you ever see so many fucking Indians?"

Just FYI……..

Don’t know what he’s talking about? Check History of the word Fuck!
I’ve credited it to Monty Python, ’cause that’s what I’ve heard, but who knows? Maybe there’s really something in this? Maybe I actually should care? This is a dead man’s testament! His message to the world! Thanks for sharing this information. Now I can be even more proud when I stand up against you, clear my lungs and utter a majestical FUCK YOU! Thanks!

19 thoughts on “A new perspective on the History of the word fuck?

  1. If Monty Python had written this (and if you knew anything at all about Monty Python), it would be a widely famous track on at least one of their albums and it is highly unlikely that they would have an American voice it instead of someone like John Cleese.

    George Carlin never sounded like that, either. If Carlin had written it, it would also be a widely famous track on at least one of his albums and in at least one of his books, and he would perform it.

    This e-mail you got seems pretty plausible if you ask me, despite the lack of proof, but your other two guesses have been canceled out, so please do admit that you’re wrong.

  2. Hi, Ben, thanks for the tip. Having seen it I must say that it is definitely using the same source if it not be the source.
    Voicedude claims the audio clip we all know was based on an earlier off-the-record (audio) clip of unknown origin that he’d heard. This doesn’t rule out that that was inspired by this OSHO video either.
    It’s a welcomed addition to the debate. Great clip:)

  3. The quality is probably poor because it was initially recorded on tape (or cassette). In my view it only adds to the feeling of historical authority, which makes it even funnier:)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I don’t know if this helps you but I came across your site trying to see if the cult guy I stumbled across below may have originated the whole diatribe, seems like his version was from 1984 or earlier.

  5. Nice one, Jimmy. Ben beat you to it by a good 3 years. I removed your URL, go troll elsewhere.

    As for this being Monty Python; I only believed that when I typed in the text quite a few years ago, when I was not that familiar with the MPs. Today I know that it wasn’t them who wrote it, and this e-mail shines a pretty good light on the matter, IMO. Any thoughts?

  6. Sorry, but the original text that your 1989 recording was based on was actually written by a non famous student of Prof John Lawson who taught at Bakersfield college in the early 1960’s. In the fall of 1963 he did a lecture one day on semantics and as the basis for this lecture he used the word “Fuck” in quite a few of its uses (verb, noun, transitive verb etc) There was a journalism student in his class who then wrote the original piece and submitted it for use in the school paper. It was rejected, of course, but soon made it around the campus on a mimeograph. The author did not put his name on it. This is why you never see anyone take credit for writing it.
    I know this because Prof John Lawson (1925-2002)was my father and he had one of the original mimeographs in his collection.

  7. Lawson, that’s an incredible contribution to this rather wild spread phenomena! Thanks!

    Would it be too much to ask for a photograph of the mimeographs of these lectures? And I don’t mean to be rude, but I get bi-monthly comments and e-mails regarding the origin of this piece of popular culture.

  8. Did anything ever come of this? I’ve been digging around trying to figure out who created this and really hit a brick wall. I’d love to do some deeper research into this, I’ve been wondering for years now.

    1. I think the Prof Lawson theory is pretty solid.

      However, it is not very unlikely that this kind of text was created several times by several authors over the years.

      What a way to become immortal.

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