Weekend, finally!

Sigg3 o 0 ( Kaada – Middag )

It’s weekend again, Friday night, and about time to get blasted… or? I’ve work tomorrow!! Dang! I’ve been to work every day this week, every single day. Thinking about those of you who does that in your everyday life, I feel obligated to admire you, when it’s usually the opposite. I’m just lazy, that’s all.. Can’t wait till Saturday evening at 6:30 p.m, then I’ll be finished with this week’s work. Then there’s always another one…

One thought on “Weekend, finally!

  1. Hey!Ja,lite og gjøre i helga??Javel..Jeg synes du skulle komme og nyte lørdagskvelden på hotellet.! Men det er vel foroftes slik at helgene er
    død her i Salangen, og det er skrekkelig dumt da . .Men sjekk ut siste oppdatering på http://www.jonhenrik.net !
    See YA ! :-)

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