Point of Positivity

~Tai said:

your site roxks teh soxks awf! :P

This is just what you need when you’ve come late to work, have a hangover making you a retrospectic (i.e you fear that you did something last night that you’ve forgotten, something that will bite you). Cheers, mate!

Then you scroll further down your inbox containing all sorts of SPAM, and you click one of them turning out to be a virii. An attachment called Masturbation.pif and a subject-line saying: "Are you the one?"
It’s good to know that the world doesn’t change over night.

My sister sent me an SMS text message:
Early to bed,
early to rise
make you happy,
wealthy and wise.

My immediate response: Who killed that cat?
Then: Over-doing positivity is not just annoying, it’s nervewrecking.

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