The Elevator Situation, pt. 2

This is a follow-up on my treatise on The Elevator Situation.

Things you can/should do in an elevator.
You can wiggle your toes. Even if you’re wearing sandals.
You can change balance-point from heel to toes.
You can actually keep your hands in your pockets, but should not shuffle your feet at the same time.
In most elevators there’s one or more mirrors to create an "open space" effect to soothe the claustrophobic. If you are alone, you can check if there’s something stuck between your teeth or wether your hair’s looking nice. You should avoid doing this when there’s others riding with you, because it may make them think you’re ignoring them totally.

Things you can’t/shouldn’t do in an elevator.

Sing at the top of your voice. This can be mistaken for cries for help!
Dance or jump up and down.
Fight with your shadow or other persons.
Open the circuit board and meddle with the technical stuff.
Try to laugh so hard that soda comes out your nose. This applies to other situations as well.

There are numerous other examples of the elevator etiquette, as I prefer calling it, but I’m sure you can decide for yourself what’s acceptable behavior in this, the most interesting of all everyday situations.

3 thoughts on “The Elevator Situation, pt. 2

  1. One co-workers son came with an unusual remark during lunch today. He said, out of the blue: “Hey, dad. Buildings with 76 floors (can’t say why he picked just that number) must have an elevator ride closer to half an hour. Might as well bring lunch in.”

    Eloquent. Observant.

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