Robot literature and computer damnation

Many writers of science fiction have jerked off to, uhm.. thought about, the idea of mankind vaporized by machines. By computers. By calculators. By microwave-oven javascripts.

A totally harmless robot.... Don't know what it does, but it's harmless, at least. Almost cute.

Today I realized why.

There’s no threat in an actual computer. That is unless one falls from the forth floor and lands on someone happening to walk by. Apart from that: computers are harmless. It’s the people in front of them that decides what kind of personality the PC gets. Think about this the next time you’re off searching for japaneese bondage.

The thing is, computers actually cares for people. In every computer there’s a built-in BIOS function similar to that of a biological mum. It wants to take care of you. It wants you to be good. To behave and not get sick.

Proof? I was to delete some SPAM.
First I have to check out the e-mails I want to get rid off. Then I must choose between the TRASH folder or the direct DELETE. The trash folder is a safety option, if you should suddenly change your mind about that penis enlargement. If you, as I, choose the DELETE option you’re prompted with this: "Are you sure you want to move the mails to this folder?" You click ‘Yes’. Another prompt: "The messages will be deleted." You click ‘Yes’ again. Then the files are gone.

There are other examples.
(Check: Using credit cards on the ‘net, virus alerts etc. etc.)

So, the petty authors playing with the thought are actually just, psychologically speaking, acting out their problematic relationship with their respected mums. This is, I’d say, a subconscious response to the undermined defiance left overs from youth. They are, in fact, inmature.

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