I’ve finally taken the step towards a better life.

No, I’ve not quit smoking.
No, I’ve not shaved my scrotum.
No, I’ve not started on a diet. (I’m not fat!!)
No, I’ve not killed the neighbour cats.
No, I’ve not won the lottery.
No, I’ve not installed a brilliant SPAM filter.
No, I’ve not decided to stop writing gibberish.
No, I’ve not begun a course in Polish Poetry.
No, I’ve not found out why dating is supposed to be so great.

I’ve gone laptop.

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  1. I think the “chassis” is abit poor, probably due to all that vibrating, but it’s good to have back-hand if your woman is unsatisfied. Just tell her to turn to volume off and finish off herself.
    And it takes some time before it begins to ring, it kind of “zooms” in, which I find utterly annoying when I keep it in my backpack most of the time..

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