Operation "Drink up before it's empty!"

Sigg3 o 0 ( DonMartin – Deliver the word )

Saturday was really hard, people! It’s 5:30 p.m, monday, and I still have got a small hangover to work with. And my feet is all wrong after tumbling down the streets on my way home at 6:30 a.m in the morning:) This is how the story goes:

I worked the entire last week, for the first time (!), and had no time in particular to party or have a drink with friends who were also working most of the time, so I was really looking forward to saturdaynight – don’t we all? Firing it up at home with a couple of beers listening to the soundtrack of Hair (the musical feat. Treat Williams etc.) and having a conversation or two with my sister.

Then, having forgotten all about the vorspiel I was invited to @ KV’s place, I went down to Kroa at twelce o’clock, where I had a couple of beers and played some billiards with Vanja. They closed the place at 2 a.m, so we were forced to go to the pub (Askeladden?) which suddenly had become very crowded!! Finding one of my friends, DJ Metz, hitting on a girl and his boyfriend (he’s quite liberal) I figured some more characters I know would be there too, so I ordered another beer and went looking for them. Outside, bathed in the shadows of midnightsun, I found them having a great time chatting to one of the professional footballplayers (eh, soccer to you Americans) which I also had the pleasure of talking briefly too.

Skipping a few parts, mostly embarrasing chapters of the night feat. DJ Metz’s picking up strange women of all sorts, we were all thrown out at 4 a.m, closing time. But we were up for more! Singing and dancing because KV agreed to a nachspiel at his home, so after spending 30 minutes on a 10 minute walk, we were there. Had a couple of cigarettes and a couple of glasses of Cognac and a few great conversations/discussions too.

Now, as we all know, there’s this point of "I don’t give a fuck, just let me drink"-attitude that you may reach in a Saturdaynight; I reached it. So, having finished I don’t know how many beers, five glasses of Cognac, we went straight on to some homemade stuff. It tasted really bad, but hey! What’s a man to in the middle of the night? Sleep? No.

Finally, at 6:30 a.m, Trygve (as seen in New Year’s Eve 02-03) decided he wanted to go home, after all he had work the next day. Poor bastard. Somehow he got us with him, and we stumbled our way homewards, skipping, falling, rolling, sleeping etc. Actually, Jon-H, which had a camera present, captured a couple of Kodak moments from the nachspiel.
Click the image below to check ’em out (, text in Norwegian, though).

That's me sleeping, while Kornelius is having a fag

Check out more pictures from the nachspiel @ http://www.jonhenrik.net/gohelga.html

That’s about it. The rest ain’t worth telling you, anyway:)

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