Subway and Sandwhiches

I’ve just had lunch. Due to the summer vacation everyone else is having, the cantina is closed and I’m left to scavange the streets for food an hour a (work)day. Yesterday I went to this kebab house where they were really cutting out on everything, except the sour sauce which didn’t taste like anything. Today I went to Subway.

Subway is one of those trendy – probably American – sandwhichbars popping up everywhere, origins dating as far back as to the late 50’s I’ve heard. They make sandwhiches, and the thing about it is that they make it while you’re looking. Food and entertainment. I wonder if that’s why it was so damn expensive.

I payed 2 crowners short of 70NOK, quite a lot, for a slice of bread, 8 meatballs tucked inside (half-nuked), some cheese and lettuce. WITHOUT a soft drink!

But I’ve never been one for fancy sandwhiches. Tomorrow I’ll retreat to burgers and fries. These two weeks without the cantina will render me fat and poor. *sigh*

9 thoughts on “Subway and Sandwhiches

  1. Ye! As if ya didn’t eat enough burgers, you’r gonna have ’em for lunch as well!!! For lunch! What about some fruit? You are a sick boy, sigg3… Gonna get really fat, indeed.. haha.

  2. I think the subway thing is a class-riot based in the uproar of the civilians. Damn civilians! Ain’t good to nuthin’.

  3. I like Subway… it’s a chain here in America trying to bring an authentic deli feel to everywhere in America (and now Norway it seems).

  4. An INVASION! I bet there are penguins behind this! I just know it. It reeks penguin.

    Authentic deli feel?
    Nothing is authentic in America! Except, perhaps, the word ‘slack’.

  5. yes, nothing is authentic in america, Except the car you drive your snobby ass around in while listening to rock and roll on your way to bury you ugly face into some american hamburger and fries. get a life dumb ass.

  6. The car I drove, Volvo 940, is Swedish. I eat kebab, and the country of music has no borders.
    I do have a life, but I don’t waste mine telling others to get one:P

  7. I’m sorry fanboy, I guess I really should spell it out better for you. Authentic according to Having a claimed and verifiable origin or authorship.
    1. the car you drive – ORIGIN – American
    2. the music you listen to – perhaps without borders, but most likely based on a 4-4 beat, ORIGIN – (arguably) American.
    3. hamburgers – ORIGIN – American. You state you would rather eat burger than Subway. *EDIT* I’m sorry I see that point in moot, since you edited it out of your post.
    If you have such a “life” then why waste it on insulting a whole country that you call “slackers” when YOU depend on it so much for your everyday existence?

  8. Hmm.. Hamburgers originates from German. Rock music aspired from Blues music by African American slaves, uhm, pseudo-American. You’re right about the car, though. And you do make damn fine cars. Except the Volvo use a tractor engine that originates in Sweden.


    I haven’t said Norway isn’t sniffing USA’s ass, a tradition held by politicians since the 2nd world war. I don’t think this will change in at least 20 years, so why bicker about it?
    I must say that one of the main reasons I criticize American Society is that Norway Society is an abnormal spawn of it. We’ve got McDonald’s on every corner, Burger King, Coke (even here I can argue, though, I’ve tasted coke from nearly all continents and they differ pretty much), we’ve MTV Europe, etc. etc. etc. Point taken and agreed!
    Main thing: Norway isn’t better. In fact, it’s worse. If you’d known me, you would never have commented on it, ’cause you knew how little I had in favour of my own country. Practically an anti-nationalist.

    And this is a good example of what almost always happens: if you criticize something, you’re automatically saying that what you are or have is better. This is bullshit. It’s easier to see the minor flaws of your brother than your own disasters, right? Human freaggin’ nature.
    If I’d written a _serious_ (this is entertainment) appeal, I’d add a more balanced perspective.

    In closing I’d like to point at the medium you’re reacting to. Of course you’ve noticed that my blog is written in American-English. Alot of my content is written for my American readers too. Why? In June alone 25% of my traffic was from US Commercial servers.
    If I’d written it in Norwegian, I’d aim at only a small percentage of the world. Today I’m getting visitors from more than 60 countries every month.
    Thanks for your input, though. I like sceptical readers:)

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