FOY 2004, March girl: Audrey Hepburn

Due to the lack of incoming FOY nominations Sigg3 dot net has been forced to proceed with desperate measures. This particular nomination is then an exception to the rules. I’d be glad if you could take this a bit more seriously. "The world ends tomorrow and you may die!"

The March girl in our Female of the Year 2004 competition is none other than actress and filmlegend Audrey Hepburn. The 31st of May this year she was crowned to be the most naturally beautiful woman of all time by an expert panel seated in Australia. (Read more about the election and see the list over here)

March 04: Audrey Hepburn

She was without a doubt one of the most characteristic actresses and women at the time which makes her an obvious choice for nominees. I congratulate with her natural nomination and also being the first deceased participant of Sigg3 dot net’s annual FOY.

Read more about her here.
See some more photos (by google).

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