My first green-metallic love of life, Sold!

That’s right. *snif*
My mother’s Volvo 940 was sold on Thursday this week. This is the car I used to roam the desolate roads of Northern Norway with about a year ago. Down here in the city I haven’t been behind the wheel at all. Why should I? If I need to go somewhere, I can catch a bus, use the subway or sneak onto the tram. If matters are complicated I can always walk or order a cab (if the immediate economical situation allows it).

Volvo 940

Look at it. It’s a beauty. Saved my life a couple of times, that car. I am sure going to miss it. Pedal to the floor with Neil Young’s Harvest going on for full, singing along on the top of my voice, and cutting the curves like a Formel 1 driver. That was the days, eh? Damn fine car. Gonna miss it.

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