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Injured seagull gets Barbie-doll leg: A badly injured seagull was saved after its wounded leg was amputated and replaced with parts from a Barbie doll.

Shy moose given assertiveness training: […] when Kenwood was put in the moose enclosure he was immediately bullied by a female called Winya. "She’s a real bitch," said biologist Agaath Kooi. "She ran after Kenwood and kicked and bit him wherever she could. And although Kenwood is much bigger than her, he let it all happen." Kooi decided to take Kenwood out of the enclosure and put him in a barn with a big, friendly moose called Icmu to give him more self-confidence.

Toy firm markets talking Jesus action doll: A US toy firm has created a talking action doll of Jesus Christ which recites the Ten Commandments.

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