Norway's the best country to live in, 4th year in a row! (… says UNDP)

Pauly wrote:
Hey Sigge, do you need a roommate? Know any cool Norwegian girls who like snarky American writers with questionable substance abuse problems? Anyway… I just read this article: Norway Best Place to Live on Earth. It seems that in a recent United Nations study, Norway was selected once again for the fourth straight year.

And with all those wild stories about more public sex, Oslo seems like the perfect place for me to relocate and write my fifth novel!

I wrote:
Well, the rents are high, everything is taxed and we do really want to keep our girls for ourselves. Uhm, I want to keep all the girls for myself:D

The same day UN Development Programme’s results came our Prince told that we would probably NOT be on the top if “the best place on earth” was rated after cultural liberalism. We’ve got a fascist party here, called the FRP, who get too much support, making it difficult for me to say that Norwegians are more worth than crap.

Cows’ crap you can snif and get high.

Still, we’ve got plenty of fresh water, a pretty nice (and to you communistic, perhaps) welfare system and great internet providers.

Apart from that we’re just a group (4 million) of wankers who accidently found some oil during the 80’s.

One thought on “Norway's the best country to live in, 4th year in a row! (… says UNDP)

  1. And we donno what to do with the oil money, so either we give it away, save a little or we spend it on something absolutely useless. Like a brand new opera, or lots of parks. That is what we do. We construct parks.. I think we should invest in a speaceship and go picnicin’ at the moon…

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