Hawking changes his mind on black holes

BEIJING, July 16, (Xinhuanet) — Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has back-pedalled on his arguments that a black hole swallows up everything that falls into it, according to a report on CRIENGLISH.COM on Friday. The world-famous author of a "Brief History of Time" says he and other scientists had gotten it wrong, the galactic traps may in fact allow information to escape.

He says a black hole only appears to form but later opens up and releases information about what fell inside. Hawking reckons this means scientists like him can be sure of the past and predict the future.

The other theory is that a black hole is a region in space where matter is compressed to such an extent that not even light can escape from its immense gravitational pull.

Phew.. I thought they’d never get it right.


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