Sexy, sexy CSS

(Gotto write this quick, ’cause the pizza is in the oven:)

I’ve been fooling around with Cascading Stylesheets the last couple of days, beginning what I’ve decided to call the Small File Project. Yep, pretty inventive, right? Can’t even begin to think what’s it all about, can you?

Well. Sigg3 dot net as it is today is pretty darn untidy when it comes to the World Wide Web Consortium’s coding STANDARDS, and I’m always interested in approving my out-of-date coding. Today I’ve learned that current "CSS oriented" designers think HTML and design in an entirely new fashion, refreshing! Instead of thinking table-build-ups (like this page’s design is all about) you’ve got to think boxes defined in the css file. Not following?

Well, have a look at my current results:
Smallfile#1: b3.php (stolen design) and the div-based Smallfile: b5.php. As you can see, they too extract the blog data from my database, still appearing to be completely other sites. These are just experiments, but sooner or later I’ll re-do That’s the plan, if nothing. First pizza. (Comments not working on test-designs, mind you)

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