t.A.T.u broken up? NO! But 50% of them is expecting!

The last thing I’ve heard during my investigation of t.A.T.u’s mysterious disappearing was that they’ve parted up hating each other’s guts. The sources I questioned were drunk, I was drunk, but is there a slight possibility that we can take this, as we say here in Norway, as good fish? Is it true?

This is what I found on the ‘net just now: PREGNANT singer from Tatu off to London reports the Pravda.ru netzine: "The scandalous image of the group will be changed. We will not see the girls in knee-length socks and white panties. They firmly abandoned the image of lesbians. Moreover, the girls decided to possess the revenues from their singing by themselves.Tatu producer Boris Rensky leased one of the best record studios and hired the entire creative group to develop the new image for the star Russian female duo. Tatu singers have to record their voice parties in a hurry as Yulya is going to have delivery soon."

There’s pictures, as well: One naked t.A.T.u gal | One pregnant t.A.T.u gal and t.A.T.u on the Rolling Stone mag

Wow. Okay. I’ve been @away for a long time, apparantly.
I see now the error of my ways. Hoping that these gals, who also participated in last year’s Female of the Year actually were a russian lesbian duo, was probably too much to hope for. What next? What’s going to top this? Mongolian transexuals covering STOMP? We can only wait and see..
(Don’t like nudity? Read my disclaimer!)

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