Adopt a whale to-day!

I received this campaign manifesto this morning:

Did you know that we Norwegians eat whale? Did you know that the Norwegian government eats whale? And that it supports whale-hunting on a national basis?ADPOT A WHALEThen what do you think of the recent decline of whale births in the global seas? Could you live with the guilt on your name? Could you see a harmonic world without the likes of whales? We know you can’t! The Clinton administration and Vice President Al Gore tried to make Norway stop by introducing the idea of economic sanctions against this, the richest of all nations in the world. Higher education in Norway is pretty common, yet these savages have whalegumbo at sunday on a regular basis. Did you know that vegetarians are treated like mentally challanged persons in Norway?

I didn’t know all of this, but now that I do I want to help! But what can I do?
The answer is pretty simple! Greenpeace in cooperation with Amnesty International and the United States of America has launched a campaign against Norway this spring! This time we don’t need an excuse! This time there are no spooky weapons of mass-destruction! This one is for the whales! Carpet bombing was never an alternative, the means of the intelligent is the means of the peaceful, which is why we’re attacking the Kingdom of Norway in a completely other way: We’re flying out whales from Norwegian marine territories to be adopted by YOU! In addition to being the most intelligent species on the face of the earth they make for excellent housepets and don’t mind children at all!
You know you want one! Adopt a whale to-day! Save the world a little..

4 thoughts on “Adopt a whale to-day!

  1. Hey Sigg3 – good issue – needs shouting about.
    We’re inland Wales (UK) so no Whale orphan room sadly, but we’ll keep on campaigning for Clean Oceans and Clean waters everywhere at World of Water (UK) so those that manage to stay on the run from Norwegian fleets get a clean break.

    Strange to know that Japanese and Norwegians have things in common …. (hope eating attitudes like Whale become rarer with each new generation)

    Grant at thehoBB

  2. I support clean waters, but whale hunting as well:D

    Oilspilling in the sea is a problem here in Norway due to recent ships going down (and older ones been laying there for many years) and I think the Government should be more effective when it comes to dealing with this matter. Overlook the paper-tower of bureacracy and just get it done, especially in these cases.

    Whalebeef kicks ass! :D

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