Gatas Parlament and Goodshit Radio

Note: Explizit language in this post

Gatas Parlament, a couple of old time hip-hop’ers from the underground of Oslo, has re-grouped and are ready to strike back on capitalism, political oppression and what else this brilliant rap duo must find proper to throw good shit about.

Again teamed up with DonMartin from Alarmclock-connection they’re releasing a pretty exclusive mixtape of old and new material called ‘Bootlegs, b-sider & bestiser’. It’s available at Stress and Blackout in Oslo, but if you’re eager to get your hands on this tape, you’d better just go online and drop an order to martin-@-gatasp-.-no (without the -‘s).

Goodshit Radio broadcasted by DonMartin live from Oslo is also revived, and you can check it out thru FM99.3 on Mondays (2200-2300) or online @ (Listening as I type:)

Old, but great, tracks from Gatas Parlament can be downloaded from their webpage:
AND shit from DonMartin can be found at his Lyrics & Discography page.

The full Alarmclock-Connection crew and Gatas Parlament alike will naturally hit the stage in Oslo’s Interstate festival this fall, featuring other rappers like 50-cent, G-unit, Equicez, Paperboys and alot more..

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