Pollresults on: "How much do you read?"

During my inspection of the troops, my statistical research on the Sigg3 dot net readers, I’ve come to realize what kind of group I target: 1) the ones who drop by, having found something interesting somewhere on the site and 2) people who like to read and most probably read my blog (this one.. yeah, the one you’re reading:). Here are the pollresults on How much do you read?

A book a day: 0% (Thank you. I feared people would frenzy on this one)
1 to 3 books in a week: 76%
1 to 3 books in a month: 20%

1 to 3 books in six months: 0%
If Playboy counts, I read alot: 3%
I read subtitles during foreign films: 0% (Subconsciously I think we all do)
Number of votes: 30

Thanks for participating!

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