Wikiarticle on All Authors are Gay!

That’s not the real title, the real title was far too long to put in the title-field. The real title goes like this: «The Problem of applying the psychoanalysis to the interpretation of the creator behind a meaningful material». More or less:)

Why did I write this? I was pissed off after reading an article where alleged psychoanalysts had "confirmed" and "concluded with the fact" that August Strindberg was latent homosexual or in denial of it. In addition I find it interesting that alot of psychoanalysts reach the same conclusion when dealing with other authors. A worrying good piece of the percentage cake.

Why is it worrying? Because I have a really hard time believing that most authors (or artists in general) are brilliant, creative or original because they’re latent homosexuals. I mean, statistically, there probably is some journalist out there dressing up like Wendy on Tuesdays, but in general I can’t believe it. Which means that there must be something wrong with the method or how it is used to reach this conclusions on such a general basis.

Read the entire "article" over @

I objected to the mentioned article on Strindberg before, and I’m glad to say that they changed it. Anywho, late digging into the psychology of Norwegian poet and singer Alf Prøysen has also reached the same conclusion. About time someone raised a complaint.

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