Dude goes berserk with knife in my hood!

Shit! Some dude went wacky with a knife on the tram just next to where my mother and brotherCourtesy of Aftenposten.no lives! In the back of the 17 tram! I take this practically every day, and hadn’t it been for Kornelius coming back to town and wanted a cup of coffe, I could’ve been on that ride!

One killed, five others wounded – two of the serious – after a man going berserk on the Oslotram. Read more @ Aftenposten (in English)

Life is strange..

One thought on “Dude goes berserk with knife in my hood!

  1. They caught the guy. He’d been let out of a mental institution before this “incident”. That’s pretty bad PR for the Ullevål Universitetssykehus (the hospital).

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