I just don't like it

I seriously dislike domain-names with broken in it. Broken-angel, broken-muse, broken-dark-angel-that-really-is-goth, broken-eyeglasses etc. Although broken-jaw is pretty cool. Yeah.

Apart from that I hate the way I choose taking the elevator up one floor instead of walking the stairs, while downwards it doesn’t matter. I also dislike the fact that Kafka is considered intellectual. He is completely boring. Boring, boring, boring that Kafka. (More about it)

I saw a man wearing a Søren Kierkegaard-quotation on the back of his t-shirt the other day. That made me frustrated. Don’t use it if you don’t mean it. I’m utterly not content in general with philosophy and psychology students. They make me laugh nervously, because they really do think that what they do matters.

I’m glad there’s only one minute left till I’m out of here, but then I’ve got to clean the appartment and air out the smoke from the weekend. It’s not that I hate doing this, I just don’t like it. And there you go: my post of serious disliking anything that I could think of at the moment.

(A bicycling woman was ran over by a car today on my way to work. I liked the way the ambulance got there in time, and the victim’s sense of common courtesy by staying alive and conscious. Mondays are not all that bad in general.)

2 thoughts on “I just don't like it

  1. Hey Sigg3, LOL, I feel sorry for the bicycle lady. xDD And I agree about the broken thing. Heh, I just don’t like the way it sounds. Anyways, the main point of this comment is you need too get your ass on MSN Messenger. :P Talk to you soon.

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