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I’m a daily surfer of the marvellous world wide web. This includes many pages that I stop by regularly to check out updates and so on, the so-called favourites. One of these is the b2 messageboard where I am one of the most active users. This board has got to do with troubleshooting and developing b2, this great, free bloggingtool that I’m using myself.

Over the years, people have been pretty anxious to solve their own problems without actually reading any information about the product they’re about to install, including the readme file itself, which has accumulated in a great number of repeated posts concerning the same set of problems.

To deal with this, with the authority vested in me being ranked as a top ten poster at the board, I decided to take matters into my own hand and create a starting-point for everyone who just uploaded b2 and are experiencing some kind of problem with it. In addition, I also provide a mirror of popular b2 hacks, because alot of the original download locations have disappeared or been moved.

If you want to check it out, stop by: www.sigg3.net/cafelog
– where I even have a couple of b2 distributions for download. 99% of all the material has been used with permission, as it is my goal to prevent repeated (newbie) questions at the message board and not steal any credit from actual developers or filehosts.

2 thoughts on “b2 Cafélog Resource Center

  1. Hey Siggi,
    Thanks so much for still working on b2, too! I use it since years and love it to death, I cant be converted ever. :-) Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Hi and thanks for the support!
    It’s a great bloggingtool we’ve got, and it’s a shame that some believe the ‘b2 milieu’ is dead, while ISPs and hosts still deliver b2 as their default blogware.
    Thanks again:)

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