Cloroform's "Hey you Let's kiss"

That’s right.. I’m sitting here, drinking orange juice, the weather is extremely nice just now but it will rain later, and in my hands; a copy of Cloroform‘s latest album; Hey you Let’s kiss.

Check out the tracklist here, and download the titletrack "Hey you Let’s kiss" here (legally and in mp3* format)!

What do I think about it? It’s a long time ago since Cloroform released something, so this album could be a beginning of a new beginning, which would be great. What kind of music is Cloroform? Jazz? Punk? Punk-jazz? I don’t know; it’s Cloroform. Live, it’s impossible to predict what will be played or how. This album has some really funky shit tracks, some really hard-punk-ass tracks and a regular hit now and then. Actually, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard so much great music of Cloroform on the same album. The titletrack (download above!), "Hey you Let’s kiss", makes me see that they’re able to top what I thought was their greatest song of all eternity; "Good times" (download legally here!). A good sign for this band that I find the most promising in Norway presently.

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