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Lately I’ve been getting more and more SPAM on a general basis to the server. Over the last two days I received 108 e-mails where one (1) was actually for me. In addition, SPAM bots are now adding comments to my weblog which I need to delete manually at the time being.

The solution to this is simple, but really not what I would’ve wished to do. I will install a b2 hack which requires every comment added to be approved by me. Every, single comment posted will be in a "pending" state before I’ve checked each and every one of them. Why is this bad? Well, it means that visitors won’t see their comments until I’ve logged on and gone through them. I don’t like it, but I dislike having to delete SPAM three times a day from the same posts even more.

As for my e-mail being flooded, necessary steps to delete some of my mail adresses which are on the net will be taken. This could mean a new design, or at least a design which fools bots into overlooking my e-mail. A trend using ‘variable[at]’ or _at_ has become widespread, but I find it highly unesthetic. I have another solution provided by b2 itself which I will probably go for, but you’ll see it when it’s finished.

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