Tuesday afterthought

In a lack of self-control,
of belief in the good of mankind,
in the lack of hope
or the amount of money to do so; I’ve grown a beard.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday afterthought

  1. No shit!
    .. OK, I’ve just been lazy the last three days not shaving it. I shave my pre-mature looking moustache, though.
    Hair in my face.
    Hair in my face.
    Oh, Holy Grace.
    Hair in my face.

  2. Yeah, yeah, hit me with a flower! Anywho, you’re just about 17 years old, right? Looks kind of daft, doesn’t it? I mean.. I MEAN!
    "I’m sitting here, I’m sitting here on the group double u bench, and you wanna know if I’m morale enough to kill women, kids, houses after being a litterbug?"

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