Scariest picture of the day

This is the scariest fucking picture to reach Sigg3 dot net for a long while. Provided, on a scientific basis, by Wikipedia I give to you:
Picture: «the Giant Isopod»

Why is it so scary, you ask? Well, apart from that I just got out of bed, and that I’m fanatically frenzied about bugs and creepy crawlers with hairy legs and their eyes attached to long, long, stems or something; I just don’t like the damned things. I just saw the Alien movies again, and I hate them face-huggers. I know that they probably have some use somewhere in the deep oceans, though, but so do peanut butter allthough I can’t find any use for it. ..Lubricant?

This Giant Isopod is related to shrimps (no, not chimps!) and crabs. It’s maximum length can be around 45cm (half a goddamned metre!) or 18 inches, if you please. Read more about it at this informative page, or have a second look at that picture!

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