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Schumie and Barrichello

The Formula 1 2004 season, which for us Ferrari fans have been a great one, is coming to an end. In 9 days the China Grand Prix in Shanghai will be broadcasted live on TV2 as usual, leaving only two GPs left in this seasons 18 races. It has been great! Ferrari won the constructor’s championship a couple of races ago, leading with a breathtaking 234 points while the 2nd place held by BAR Honda has 94 and 3rd, Renault, a competetive 90.

People fail to recognize last Grand Prix’s winner, Rubens Barrichello’s role in the success of Ferrari, without a doubt due to his teammate, F1’s "superstar", Michael ‘Schumie’ Schumacher’s winningspree and continues updating of world records. The Ferrari Team is the best when it comes to strategy and technical advancement, but they also have alot of cash to do it. Naturally, in a wider scope, this applies to all teams, but I’m intrigued by the uprising of Honda and not least the two climbing boys @ Renault; Jarno Trulli and Fernando Alonso.

You can keep yourself up-to-date on the points here: Driver’s Championship 2004 | Teams
Or read more about the sport itself, here: Understanding the sport

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