A funny meeting with the past

There I was, lying on the sofa fast asleep at 9 p.m, when my mother woke me up to hand me the phone. "I’m too tired to talk in the phone," I said to myself, but it didn’t have any effect. Of old habit, I picked it up and said: "Hello?"

An unfamiliar voice… it was someone I’ve met once last summer or the summer before that, when Kids In the Morgue (KIM) played at a local arrangement called Elvejazz (en. RiverJazz). Now he wanted me to step in for their drummer who couldn’t play at a given date at some arrangement. I was honoured. A jazzband wanting me to play for them! COOL! ..but, the role I was given wasn’t fit for my style or the experience I have. From my experience I can tell that I am a show-off-kind-of-drummer who like to share my talent with the audience:) I’m no background-drummer, and this partly because of my ego, but also because of my conditioning; playing 5 years in a band with only three members you’ve to be a strong drummer (not in physical sence, of course). You’ve got to have power in your beats or else the music gets weak. And we don’t want that, now do we? So I turned ’em down, recommending some of the people that has taught me some of the skills I’ve learned, and others I believed could do the job nicely.

It was, as the title of this post indicates, a funny meeting with the past, though. Not that this situation isn’t present, but it made me think of those good ol’ days practicing day and night with the band. It’s about time to find some Soundgarden or Pearl Jam now and put it one the jukebox:) Memory-music.

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